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Breathwork + Sound Bath with Jon Paul + Ana

  • Santa Monica Church Grand Pavillion 725 California Ave Santa Monica , Ca, USA (map)

St. Monica's Catholic Church Grand Pavillion

8:00 - 9:30 pm

725 California Ave, Santa Monica, CA

$30 + ticket fees on Eventbrite in advance

$40 CASH ONLY at door

Once a month Jon Paul & Ana are teaming up to create the most powerful Breathwork + Soundbath Experience in Los Angeles!! Reserve your space soon as this is sure to sell out.

Jon Paul will lead the Breathwork session and will explain the technique and some of the things you may experience with active breathing (requires a little bit of work) and a guided heart opening. (No woo woo here)!

Ana Netanel will lead the Soundbath & take you through the depths of sound with gongs, bowls & more to relax, release and let go of anything that is not serving you & restore a newfound peace within YOU!


Bring mat, blanket, eye mask and anything comfortable!

It's suggested you don't eat for a few hours before class.

Please arrive early, it will start on time. No late admissions, sorry.


Parking is Free - Enter on California Ave between the Community Center and Rectory. You can either park in the schoolyard lot or the underground parking underneath the Grand Pavilion. The elevator will take you right into the Grand Pavilion.


After the Active Breathing (There's a little bit of work in Breathwork) JP will take you through a guided Heart Opening that will leave you FILLED with Gratitude and Love.

The most common statement JP hears most often after his Breathwork Class is "Oh My God! that felt like 10 years of therapy without saying a word, I released and let go of everything!"

Breathwork is a purely experiential thing that's different for everybody and different every time you do it, so it's impossible to describe but one thing is guaranteed and that is that you will feel completely different than how you felt when you came in. It's undeniable.

Soundbath uses vibration as a healing mechanism to realign the mind, body and soul. It clears out the energy fields, removes past trauma, and alleviates ailments, pressures and stresses associated with every day life.

Breathwork is a powerful technique for exploration, discovery, healing, and personal growth. Working with the breath enables you to take better care of yourself and release beliefs and patterns that no longer serve you. Most people leave breathwork sessions feeling clearer, calmer, more content and relaxed. You’ll breathe to a curated playlist to enhance the experience and help you focus.

After a few minutes of breathing, you may feel a tingly sensation of energy vibrating through your body, moving the stuck energy in your system. Many people report having profound experiences. Your experience will be unique to you and your path.

Breathwork is different for everyone and different every time you do it.

What You May Experience…

* Ability to manifest greater abundance

* Deep healing of wounds, grief, and traumas

* Accesses expanded states of consciousness, including higher guidance and clarity

* Allows undigested emotions & memories to be released

* Mystical revelations

* Releases toxins from the cells of the body

* Massive stress relief and deep relaxation

* Transcends the mind and emotions and supports the awakening to the truth of who you really are

* Greater self-love and more loving relationships

* Emotional Balance

* Relief from physical pain

* Increased connection to source

* Overwhelming feelings of joy

* Deep inner peace

* Allows for connectedness & oneness to arise

A Soundbath relaxes the body, clears the subconscious, aligns the energy field, removes past trauma, calms the mind, and activates your body's natural healing ability. The Soundbath includes different sound healing instruments, from gongs to crystal singing bowls, Tibetan bowls, and more to create a sound healing experience that will vibrate and activate every cell in your body to restore, realign and rejuvenate you.

More science is catching up with sound as a tool for healing...think about it: music brings people together and heals...that is the premise behind the Soundbath. Soundbaths help:

* Activate Higher States of Consciousness

* Unlock Blocked Emotions

* Relieve Anxiety and Stress

* Relax & Rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit

* Promote Deep Meditation

* Heighten Clarity

* Improves Ability to Concentrate

* Relieves Insomnia

* Decreases Depression

* Normalizes Blood Pressure

* Relieves Physical Pain

* Release Emotional Trauma

Drink lots of water after a Soundbath and treat your emotions and body with care for 24 hours after a Soundbath.

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